Loan without BKR: absolutely possible, within 10 minutes money on your bank account

Are you registered at the BKR but you still want to borrow money? Fortunately, you can borrow money despite the BKR, you just need to know where!

For many lenders, the credit registration office in Tiel an indispensable ally in their work they need. Banks want nothing more than a maximum security when they provide credit. And with the help of the BKR they hope as much as possible to exclude a risk in lending.

The BKR is a Dutch credit rating agency that has a large database of millions of Dutch consumers. Being listed in the BKR usually becomes a problem if one has a bad credit rating. A bad credit rating is obtained if one misses terms of a loan or if one is not able to fulfil all required payments when buying something with delayed payments (‘buy now, pay later’).

But obviously not everyone who is registered with that office is happy with that registration. Indeed, when applying for a new loan for a car that you desperately need (or any other purpose for that matter), or applying for a mortgage by two newlyweds and first-time buyers in various other mundane everyday financial transactions will be checked with the BKR. And if you have registered it means that you often cannot continue to take these everyday necessities.
Fortunately, there are several lenders – often easily available on the Web – who understand that the number of people with a bad credit rating is a very big market that often is desperate for the use of financial products like loans.
The lenders who provide loans without checking bad credit providers offer a minilening (mini-loan). At Cashbob for example, relatively small loans of up to 750 euros with a short maturity of one month can be borrowed. 750 euro is still an amount large enough for a cheap used car or a down payment on a lease car or a completely new machine. Interestingly, if your application is successful, you can get the money within 10 minutes on your bank account. Applying for a loan is relatively easy: just go the website of a credit lender, fill in the online form and send a text message for confirmation with your mobile.

So, do you have a bad credit rating? Do not despair. Do not bother with the mainstream banks for a loan, but apply for a loan at dedicated mini loan providers (minilening).